ISFJ – Weird Creep или Дюмы - жуткие типы

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ISFJ – Weird Creep или Дюмы - жуткие типы

Сообщение Aargh » Сб дек 23, 2017 9:10 am

На сколько дюма соответсвует этому описанию и настолько ли они жутки для "неподготоленного дона"? Кстате, самое безобидное описание этого автора.

ISFJ – Weird Creep

These people are weird as fuck. They can live their whole life cooking food or watering flowers, and be fucking HAPPY with that life-situation. That’s fucking retarded.
They are also very prone to stalking. Silent stalking, when you don’t even know they exist.
That’s fucking creepy as fuck. I believe the best pedophiles have to be ISFJ:s because they have stalked their victims for such a long time that they know their EXACT life routines and can predict every action they do just to proceed to do the perfect child-rape.
You may say that their secondary Fe will prevent that but I tell you mates, ISFJ:s are CREEPY as FUCK so you never know.
Their only abilities are cooking food and gardening….I think I mentioned that before, I’m sorry, they are just to simple, there is nothing more to tell.
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